Yaşam · 9 Mayıs 2018

New property market in Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, famous for its sights, historical monuments, and besides the developed infrastructure, because today this city is a real fast growing cultural and business center, Property for sale in Istanbul means to make a really profitable investment. The location of the city is also unique; most of it is in Europe, the smaller part is in Asia, and they are connected by numerous bridges.


In addition to excellent conditions for recreation, today it is also a place of concentration of business circles. Here, compared to other resort cities in Turkey, a stronger and stable economic situation, a higher standard of living, and the tourist service is organized in such a way that it can satisfy the most demanding taste. Large international conferences and seminars are held here, which means that commercial real estate is actively being sold. Hotels, office and shopping areas are extremely in demand among foreign investors.

Stopping in detail on residential Property for sale in Istanbul, first of all, we note immediately that Turkey offers high-quality facilities at attractive prices, and this is fully applicable to the situation in Istanbul. In the market every year there are new offers, and in the priority for the sale of apartments.